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Qiqqa is a useful application designed to manage all your PDF documents by using tags and metadata that make searching for documents on your computer a lot easier. If you usually work with high volumes of data, specially doing research, and if you save endless PDF documents, Qiqqa can be really helpful thanks to its search options and sync features.

The program's interface has five tabs in which you can find all its features: PDF library, concept map editor, an expedition feature to find new concepts, a web browser, and one tab that includes several tools such as a DOC to PDF converter that can create safety copies. Qiqqa can scan all your documents and read the text in order to look for concepts and information, like the author, title, and keywords.

Apart from that, inside this PDF library, you can add notes and tags in order to search faster and not waste time that you could spend working.

You need to create an account on Qiqqa's official website.

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